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Once and Future Green July 21, 2006

Posted by Michael Hoexter in About Me.
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I recommitted myself to issues of sustainability last year after reading a series of very fine articles by a collegemate, Betsy Kolbert about the effects of global warming; particularly frightening were her descriptions of what is now happening in the Arctic regions of the world. (An expanded version of these articles has been published as a book Fieldnotes from a Catastrophe. I am particularly passionate about issues related to green marketing and communication strategy because I had been effectively lulled to sleep by the campaign of doubt about global warming sown by people whom in retrospect I knew were wrong (Bush administration etc.).

With Katrina, America seems to have woken up…so we now have an unprecedented opportunity (in the face of crisis) to do it right..

I feel that I bring a perspective to issues of sustainability where I can see the “other side” of the issue as I have spent years NOT being always imbued with and associating with the politically correct and the virtuous. I always have thought in terms based on ecological thinking and it feels good to be back integrating what I have learned over the years in what I am working on now.

Enough about me for now…




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