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What WE love about Treehugger (and a couple things WE don’t) July 27, 2006

Posted by Michael Hoexter in Blogroll, Green Marketing.

If you have any interest in issues of sustainability, you should check out Treehugger. Treehugger is a web-magazine/blog that is the work of about 20 bloggers/reporters who post around 15 articles a day. Treehugger calls itself a “green lifestyle blog” Treehugger is just as likely to include a post about sexy undies for women as it is to have a discussion about the city of Essex, England’s policy of turning off streetlights. The wide range of Treehugger’s interests make it a fascinating survey of both big picture and mundane everyday green issues from an urbane, social perspective.

If you keep up with the multiple posts a day and the discussions on Treehugger you will get a great cross-section of some of the hot button issues and divisions in public opinion. If you don’t visit Treehugger for a few days, you will soon find that there is a long list of posts which you will need to spend a good long time digesting if you ever get through all of them.

Treehugger, I think, represents an intelligent blend of cultural, ecological and political issues that pioneers and advances a perspective on sustainability that goes beyond the granola image of the ecology movement of the 70’s-90’s. It is not the most serious place to discuss technical issues but that is not the point. Treehugger is open to most cultural expressions of green thinking and practice in a way that is refreshing and mostly very informative.

If there is anything to criticize about Treehugger it is that it has outgrown it’s clunky, off the shelf blogging software Typepad (of course WordPress is MUCH better wink, wink). The number of articles posted on it make the linear blog format a little unwieldy. I would wish for multiple columns or more of a newspaper layout that allows better scanning of articles. Also paging by clicking on the left side of the bottom of the page on the two arrows is counter-intuitive for a left-to-right language like English (this is a function of Typepad I believe). I haven’t really gotten used to this feature of Treehugger despite long use.

Also, I find the use of the authorial “We” at Treehugger strikes me as a little bit too gossipy and clubby for what must be a wide ranging and diverse assembly of authors. If they had an editorial blog which explained how the “we” comes together, it might be one thing. A typical usage of we might be “we at Treehugger love bamboo” or something to that effect. If we (the readers) could understand the process of “we” a little better it might be more justified. This is really a stylistic beef but unfortunately there might be some readers who are turned off by the tone of the writing. They would be missing out on the great content that Treehugger offers.



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