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Re: Oil Independence Some Signs of Progress May 21, 2010

Posted by Michael Hoexter in Efficiency/Conservation, Energy Policy, Green Transport.

Today, the Obama Administration has shown some signs of recognizing the challenge of achieving Oil Independence.   The Administration is mandating higher fuel efficiency standards than the 35.5 mpg CAFE, (corporate average fuel efficiency) standard proposed last month, with numbers upcoming.   Furthermore, the Administration is mandating for the first time fuel efficiency standards for medium and heavy trucks.  Apparently representatives from some of the large truck manufacturers like Volvo were there for the announcement as well as representatives from the major car manufacturers.

Additionally, there was announcement for further support for electric vehicles and vehicle infrastructure.

Though details are still sparse on these new efforts, it sounds like the Administration may be starting to realize that crisis management in the face of the Gulf oil spill cannot overshadow the long-term and even medium term project of getting off of oil.

I am hopeful that more substantive measures on this front as well as a full plan for the US to get off of oil will be announced soon.   There is no time to waste!!


1. Dusty - May 24, 2010

so they are trying to force more people into helping make the eletric powered cars and are they going to lower gas prices for the bigger trucks

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