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New Politics Blog: Politics 2100 October 11, 2010

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I’ve decided to create a blog which discusses political ideas not strictly related to “green” issues at a new WordPress.com blog.  These blogs are easy to create so, I’ve put my thoughts on these subjects there:


My initial focus is on analyzing the libertarian consensus that has taken over the Republican Party in the US and influenced US politics in a manner that I find destructive, particularly if we in the U.S. are trying to act on issues related to energy and climate.  Please take a look!


Once and Future Green July 21, 2006

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I recommitted myself to issues of sustainability last year after reading a series of very fine articles by a collegemate, Betsy Kolbert about the effects of global warming; particularly frightening were her descriptions of what is now happening in the Arctic regions of the world. (An expanded version of these articles has been published as a book Fieldnotes from a Catastrophe. I am particularly passionate about issues related to green marketing and communication strategy because I had been effectively lulled to sleep by the campaign of doubt about global warming sown by people whom in retrospect I knew were wrong (Bush administration etc.).

With Katrina, America seems to have woken up…so we now have an unprecedented opportunity (in the face of crisis) to do it right..

I feel that I bring a perspective to issues of sustainability where I can see the “other side” of the issue as I have spent years NOT being always imbued with and associating with the politically correct and the virtuous. I always have thought in terms based on ecological thinking and it feels good to be back integrating what I have learned over the years in what I am working on now.

Enough about me for now…


Hello World!! July 20, 2006

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Hello World!!

This is my first blog post…wow! Hello…my name is Michael…I call my blog “Green Thoughts” because it’s about Green, i.e. sustainable/ecological, thinking and how we can change the world for the better! I have a very broad background and set of interests but in this blog I’m going to be focussing on how to better communicate and market, green ideas and greener products, organizations and services.

More later!!