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For easier download and reading, I’m offering here some of the longer posts on greenthoughts.us in PDF format.  Click on the links below to access the PDF versions of the following in a separate window.


The Deepwater Oil Spill Exposes a Persistent Failure to Plan and Failure to Lead – May 15, 2010


Post-Copenhagen Climate Ethics:  Applying Rule Based Ethics to Policy Instruments, Technology Choice, Total Investment, and Climate-Related Communication –  March 2, 2010


Cap and Trade:  An Unserious Policy Framework for Humanity’s Most Serious Challenge – December 12, 2009


Cap and Trade Derails Climate Ethics, the Motive Force of Carbon Mitigation – November 18, 2009

Part 1. A Slow, Ineffective “Monstrous Hybrid” Of a Climate and Energy Policy

Part 2. Cap and Trade’s Perverse Ethics Threaten Climate Policy Effectiveness

Part 3. Climate Keynesianism:  Already at Work Cutting Emissions


Cap and Trade:  A Tangled Web of Good Intentions and Bad Policy –  November 5, 2009

Part 1: Cap and Trade’s Ineffectiveness is Bad News for the Climate

Part 2: Cap and Trade Pitfalls – Elements of Any Climate Policy

Part 3: A More Effective Alternative: A Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy Based on a Carbon Tax

Part 4: A (Heterodox) Project-Based Alternative to Cap and Trade


Carbon Pricing is Just One Piece of the Puzzle:  Towards a Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy – January – February 2009

Part 1:  Carbon Pricing is Just One Piece of the Puzzle:  Two Economic Worldviews

Part 2: Theory and Practice of Carbon Pricing

Part 3:  A Survey of Market Failures in Technology and Infrastructure

Part 4:  The Scope of a Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy

Part 5:  Outline of a Comprehensive Policy


The Renewable Electron Economy:  A Summary for Policymakers – August – October 2008

Part 1. Building the Renewable Electron Economy as a Solution to the Oil Crisis (Transport)

Part 2. Supplying Clean Energy

Part 3. Economic and Policy Drivers for Clean Energy and Transport Infrastructure

Part 4.  Energy Efficiency and Conservation and the Renewable Electron Economy

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