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Cap and Trade: An Unserious Climate and Energy Policy

This two-part piece (December 1-12 2009) looks at the unseriousness at the heart of the cap and trade policy framework.  Access to parts 1 and 2, via the links below or to the right.

1.  Cap and Trade:  An Unserious Policy Framework for Humanity’s Most Serious Challenge

2. Cap and Trade: Dimensions of Its Unseriousness…Towards a Serious Climate  Policy Framework


1. Evaluating Climate and Energy Proposals Under Two Conditions: High and Low Voter Concern « Green Thoughts - May 13, 2010

[…] fee and dividend proposal (and perhaps, who knows, my criticisms of cap and trade here and here).  A good summary of the bill and comparisons to ACES can be found here at […]

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