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Post-Copenhagen Climate Ethics

I wrote this longer post in February 2010 as an effort to derive simple ethical rules that might guide climate policy discussions in the aftermath of the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, December 2009.

Donald Brown of Climateethics.org had proposed three sets of climate ethics criteria in response to Copenhagen. I added three more, yielding six sets of ethical criteria in my effort to incorporate both the determination of just and adequate ends and the means to achieve those ends.  A full PDF version can be accessed through this link or can be accessed below in three pars in web format with the ability to post comments.

Part 1:  4th Ethical Criteria Set: Applying Ethical Rules to the Selection of Technologies and Policy to Mitigate GHGs

Applying Ethical Standards to Technology and Policy Choice
Examples: Carbon Trading, Infrastructure Planning, CSP/CSTEP with Storage, Passive House Technologies.

Part 2:  5th Ethical Criteria Set: Application of Ethical Standards to Total Investment in Mitigation and Adaptation

The Least Cost Doctrine, Where is Climate Policy in a Hierarchy of Needs?, From Disaster Insurance to Sustainable Development

Part 3:  6th Ethical Criteria Set: Truthful, Sober, and Complete Representations of Fact, Intention and Statistical Probability

Ethical Rules of Communication and the Fight with Climate Skeptics; Truth in Representation in Climate Policy and Technological Development; Commitment to Truthful, Sober and Complete Representations of Fact, Intention, and Statistical Probability.



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